Money money … what money?


I’ve got budgets on my mind today, and to be honest it’s starting to feel like mission impossible to plan this wedding with the budget I’ve been given!

I was chatting to one of my bridesmaids over the phone the other night and we joked that we should just get a makeup artist, hairdresser and a photographer and basically just flush the rest of the money down the toilet… it seems very cynical I know, but that’s truly how I’m feeling right now 😭

Cleo and I had a chat with our financial planner yesterday (just going to do a shameless little plug here because he is actually amazing- his name is Blake and his company is called Coached, if you want contact details PM me; he works mostly with young professional couples wanting to get ahead with their money). Anyway we found out how much we can save between now and our projected wedding date. Although it was good to see that we could be saving a decent amount, it will mean we will be living with the bare minimum until then, with not much money going toward anything else. It’s fine, we have prioritised the wedding above any of our other saving goals, but gosh we’re going to take a big hit as far as our current spending habits go!

I know there are savings to be made, so I guess what I’m wondering is what do people think is worth spending the big bucks on, and what would you be willing to compromise on? If you are already married I’d love to hear your opinion on what worked for you!

Love and good vibes!
Liv 💕
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