Marriage equality


It's been a while since I last posted. My only excuse is that I've had a lot on my mind recently with the current spotlight on marriage equality in this country, and you know- people who aren't involved in my relationship getting to put their 10c worth into my relationship 👌🏼 I had planned on posting about this sooner but I couldn't find the words (and also I have glandular fever so I've been sleeping for roughly 20 hours a day for the last 4 days). I was inspired by a Facebook post from a dear friend of mine and Cleo's about her and her fiancée's journey and what marriage equality means to them. I decided to share our own story in the hope that more people would speak out and tell their stories about being engaged as a same sex couple in Australia.

Anyway here is our story, please feel free to share yours in the comments or in a message to us on our Facebook page or Instagram. We'd love to read about your love, and we truly cannot wait to celebrate it when this country decides to let love win.

On the 7th of January 2017, Cleo took me to one of my favourite beaches and on the cliffs overlooking the water she asked me to marry her. I was absolutely shocked and the whole rest of the day was a complete blur as we celebrated with our families and called our friends to tell them the news.

We made our engagement Facebook official the next day and were completely overwhelmed with the love and support we received from friends, family and acquaintances alike.

Our plan had always been to wait until same sex marriage was legal in this country. I didn't see a point being engaged when I knew I wouldn't be able to relish in the wonderful things that wedding planning has to offer. We discussed our concerns with others and were again met with more support. "Nobody goes to a wedding to watch you sign the papers anyway!" "Just have the wedding and then have another party when it becomes legal!" Many good points were raised which encouraged us to go ahead and start planning our big day.

Throughout this process we've certainly had our doubts and struggles. I've had vendors stop responding to my enquiries when they found out we are a same sex couple. When we have attended wedding fairs and the like we have had to explain multiple times that we are BOTH the brides, and neither of us are getting married first because we are marrying each other. These have been things we have laughed off for the most part, but the current debate in parliament about OUR rights and OUR future is something I have struggled with more than I can express.

As a child you grow up dreaming that one day you will get married. I never could have fathomed that this dream was not to be a reality, purely based on the person who I fell in love with. My heart is hurting not only for myself and Cleo, but for those children who are growing up in a country that is telling them that their love is not deserving of the same rights as others, and not only that but that their love is WRONG and detrimental to basic family values.

I will never understand how any human being can actively choose hate (and yes, I believe that if you are voting against same sex marriage that you are choosing hate because the basis of every argument against is plain and simply homophobia), and choose to make people feel like second class citizens purely for their sexual orientation. Please think carefully before voting. Would your children/future children be proud of the decision you have made? Have you stood up for what is right? Are YOU proud of the decision you have made?

Let love win 💕✌🏼🌈

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Love to love you all,
Liv & Cleo
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