I seem to be most inspired to write when I’m struggling with something. I think it helps to be able to talk it all out in my own time. This year has been a bit tough for us, wedding planning wise. We came to the realisation that if we want to have the freedom to do what we want to do after the wedding (go on a honeymoon, have a baby, renovate our house), we may have to re-adjust our expectations regarding what we can afford for our big day. Basically we had to go back to the drawing board completely to try and figure out how we are going to make this whole thing work.

Having said that, what we have now, with 10 months to go, is a really solid foundation for the kind of wedding day we had imagined right from the start but without compromising too much of our future. All it has taken is a little bit of searching around and being resourceful. So with that in mind, I wanted to talk about how we have gotten to where we are now with our plans, including how we are managing our savings and how we came to make the decisions we have made regarding vendors etc.

MONEY is such a huge source of contention in a lot of relationships, especially leading up to a big event like a wedding. We have been so lucky to have the help of a great financial planner (Blake at Coached Financial Planning, Brisbane) who has helped us put aside enough money that we are able to pay off deposits for the wedding and continue to save for the big day, whilst also planning for bills, unexpected expenses and having some money left over after each pay cycle to do the things we like to do (read: eat). Cleo always jokes that I have champagne tastes on a beer budget, and to be fair before we started seeing Blake I would have said I was on more of a goon budget because I just had no idea how to manage my money and would spend it as soon as it hit my account. I definitely feel like now I have more of an idea of how money works and how saving money and having a buffer with your money can make you feel so much more secure. We still both have a way to go with our spending habits but Blake has given us the foundations to really start thinking about what we are doing with our money and how we are going to comfortably afford the wedding we want.

I did an instagram story recently about some of our wonderful wedding vendors. We are so excited about the businesses we have chosen to work with and we feel all of them really get what we want the day to be about. We met with our incredible wedding coordinator extraordinaire Ashleigh (Champagne & Confetti Events) last night and she talked about how she likes to remind some of her more stressed couples to bring it back to 3 things that are most important to them for the day. I’m pretty proud to say that neither Cleo nor myself are particularly stressed about the wedding (thanks in large part to Ashleigh) but we really liked the concept of having 3 main things that we want from the day. Our 3 things as decided by us are 1. Good food/drinks (sorted, we’ve got the super cool See You Next Thursday catering company doing the food for us, and we’re supplying the alcohol); 2. Good music/everyone on the dancefloor; 3. A day filled with love (that includes wanting our guests to mingle with each other and hopefully walk away from the day with a new friend or two). As long as we have those 3 things on the day, I feel like we will be stoked. The other thing we talked about was that the end goal is that WE GET TO MARRY EACH OTHER! Things will go wrong but if one thing goes right it’s that we say “I do” and sign those papers and we both finish the day with a wife (hopefully each other but I reckon if Jennifer Lawrence was on offer I might miss out).

Our photography and videography teams (Cloud Catcher Studios & Fable House Films respectively) are incredible and their work on their websites and social media speaks for itself. I’ve started getting a bit emotional when I look at other people’s wedding photos and videos, it’s such an important part of the memory making process and these people are so good at what they do.

We feel like we’re super organised at this point and 10 months feels like such a long time, we’ve both started getting to the point where all we want to talk about is the wedding and it takes up almost every second of our spare time but we’re just excited and enjoying this time which I’m sure will go by in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, that’s enough out of me. For links to the instagram pages of any of our vendors, please click on our story highlights!

Make good choices!
Liv & Cleo


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